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Window cut outsQuickform recently built the moulds for the new Leighton Beach development in North Fremantle.

Three main moulds, each measuring 4.2 by 2.8m, and 12 inserts were made. The inserts make the cut outs for the window and ends of the building (pictured). There is a 20 mm expansion gap between each of the 62 panels.

Due to the required draw angle on the mould, every single curve, radius and straight line had to be redrawn - all 3000 of them.


Custom Projects - Plug of Car Wing

Another example of a custom project by Quickform was a mould for a car's wing. We were approached by a custom car builder who had hand-crafted one side of a car's wing. We were capable of accurately capturing and mirroring the wing's geometry.

A mould was quickly manufactured by CNC machining, creating a perfect symmetry and reducing the customer's lead time by several weeks.

Quickform's skilled team and experience can help you turn your idea, drawing or plan into a finished product.


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